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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 25, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news, america." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days, cooling trade winds, and the
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crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> and now, "bbc world news america." host: this is a special edition of "bbc world news america" reporting live from the democratic national convention. controversy in philadelphia. the democratic national convention formally opens, but the party seems just as divided as its republican opponents. >> hillary clinton, this is your time. host: islamic state claims responsibility for a suicide bombing at a music festival in germany. it is the third attack in the country in less than a week. with just a few weeks to go
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untilh just 10 days to go the olympics, it is not the training athletes are worried about, but who is taking what drugs. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. the democrats formally kicked off their convention in philadelphia, but to the scenes ing hillary boo clinton are not what the party wanted. republicans were divided a week ago, the democratic party seems to be today. debbie wasserman schultz was forced to resign yesterday. she was not allowed on the stage today. the primary process has left
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bernie sanders supporters in a fury, and they will not make this a calm convention. jon sopel has more. reporter: so much for unity. cheers for dnc chair abby wasserman schultz. -- debbie wasserman schultz. they are boos. >> all right, everybody. settle down now. reporter: from bernie sanders atporters who are furious leaked e-mails that show the party machine has been anything but evenhanded in its handling of the primary campaign between sanders and clinton. >> so, i can see there is interest in my being here, and i can appreciate that interest. reporter: such is the interest that she has been forced to step down and will play no further role in the convention. hillary clinton was meeting with the veterans today in north
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carolina before going to the convention. she said this particular saga has nothing to do with her. ms. clinton: i cannot speak to what people who were not working for me, who were saying with -- whatever they were saying, i cannot be too that. i can only speak to my campaign. reporter: all of this has been a gift wrapped in a ribbon and a bow for donald trump who tweeted delightedly, here we go with another clinton scandal. crooked hillary knew the fix was in. bernie never had a chance. in virginia, he seemed to relish going back to his old job as host of "the apprentice." mr. trump: debbie, you are fired. get out. out. room. reporter: bernie sanders addressed supporters in philadelphia a short time ago. listen to the reaction of the crowd when he tells them what they have to do. mr. sanders: we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. [crowd boos]
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reporter: it's the same story on the streets of philadelphia. hell no, dnc.g: we won't photo for hillary] -- vote for hillary] reporter: the slogan of this convention is "united together." that is more aspiration than reality at the moment. jon sopel, bbc news, philadelphia. host: when ever hillary clinton's name is mentioned on stage, loud boos erupt from bernie supporters. this has been loud and raucous. i spoke with democratic senator chris coons. he sits on the foreign relations committee.
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senator, this was not the opening to the convention that the democratic party and hillary clinton would have liked. >> what you are seeing behind me right now is former mayor wellington webb urging delegates to cheer for hillary clinton and mr. sanders and you did just hear a rousing, unified cheer. there have been hiccups today. obviously, the e-mails and resignation of debbie wasserman schultz is a more bumpy opening than we would have hoped for. host: a bumpy opening? i was up here when we were hearing loud boos when hillary clinton's name was mentioned. reporter: later tonight, what i expect to hear from senator sanders is a full throated endorsement of hillary clinton, and i am excited that tim kaine is nominated for vice president, a truly progressive, strong, capable vice president pick. host: do you think bernie sanders do enough to persuade his supporters to stop doing -- booing when hillary clinton's name is mentioned? >> i am hopeful that he can.
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it is my expectation that he will make his best effort. the reality is, his campaign has had a huge impact on the platform of the democratic national committee. this is the most progressive platform in a generation, and i think senator sanders recognizes that if we retake the senate and clinton is president, he has the best chance to make the sort of difference he hopes to make going forward. host: how important is it that during the course of this week bernie sanders supporters are persuaded to vote for her? reporter: it's important. it's important to show party unity. it's important to show that the national party is unified and optimistic. host: can she win if she doesn't win them over? >> she can win if she doesn't win them over, but not if she fails to win a majority of them. it is important to have their
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engagement and support. that's in contrast to the republican convention in where ted cruz refused to endorse donald trump. cleveland and now in philadelphia as well. i want to ask you about the e-mail scandal, specifically because you sit on the foreign relations committee. do you think there is any credibility behind the idea that vladimir putin in the russian government decided to release those e-mails in order to damage hillary clinton. >> i think it's troubling. the allegations in the new york times this morning were troubling. they said republican side or hackers were responsible for breaking into the system and sending the e-mails out at this time. i have not had a classified briefing on this yet. i know the fbi has opened an investigation. i think the timing is troubling, as well as the suggestion that vladimir putin is trying to interfere in american politics. host: do you think it's
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possible? does it sound credible? >> i think it's possible. i don't yet know if it is credible. it is troubling to me how often donald trump has expressed admiration and even affection for vladimir putin who is supporting an ongoing war in ukraine. our european allies are imposing sanctions on russia, and the idea that he would suggest that our commitment to nato is not rocksolid suggest to me that he is not ready to be president of the united states. host: jon sopel reporting. we will have more from philadelphia later on in the program on this extraordinary, the democratico national convention. but now let's get to news from around the world. germany is reeling after the third terror attack in a week. last night a syrian asylum , seeker blew himself up. a video was found on his loan in
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-- on his phone in which he pledged allegiance to the leader of islamic state. the two other recent attacks, one in munich, one of the train, appear unrelated area security, of course, has been tightened. chris butler reports. reporter: in a courtyard of a , a chalk outline of a suicide bomber. drinks abandoned by people when he blew himself up. he tried to enter a square packed with people. when he was stopped by security, he detonated the bomb he was carrying just outside the gates. >> i ran back and i saw an older gentleman lying on the floor with blood on his head. i was able to push past the security who were trying to tell me to go away. i said my sister is still in there. i need to go in there. i think i heard there were six or seven people on the floor that needed help.
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reporter: the explosion caused panic in a country already on edge. last week in germany, a mass shooting in munich, a machete attack, and an asylum seeker hurting five people on a train with an ax. and this bombing, like the last attack, has been linked to the so-called islamic state terror group. >> on the bombers mobile phone is a video of him issuing an attack in arabic, for which we have now received the translation. according to this, he pledges his allegiance to the leader of islamic state and expressly announces an act of revenge against the germans. reporter: the attacker was a syrian refugee staying in temporary accommodations. detectives found more bomb making material in his room. told he wastly been
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being deported from bulgaria, where he had found asylum. people who lived alongside him say he had mental health problems and that he tried to kill himself before. >> isis, he only said i am not with them, i don't like them, but i think he had some issues. reporter: the german government has made a point of welcoming refugees from other countries. but in the conservative and catholic state of bulgaria, unease is growing with the numbers, and that is partly because of security. >> i think it is good for germany to do this, to take these guys into our country and give them safety, but if more happens like this, i am sorry to say this, but we need to stop.
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reporter: there is sympathy and help for asylum-seekers, but even among those who have fled countries like syria -- >> in the future, you will have to be careful. when you welcome everybody. because some people have psychological problems. reporter: as police searched through the debris of the bombing, detectives continue to look for the reason he killed himself and so many others. news.butler, bbc int: another grim attack germany, a country that has suffered much in the course of the last week. it is 10 days until the olympic games in rio. individual sports are now under
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pressure to decide if russian athletes are clean and can take part. that follows a decision yesterday not to impose a blanket ban. as russian athletes begin to arise in rio, it is an issue on the minds of those from around the world. we have this report. reporter: russian gymnasts arrive bleary-eyed after the long flight from moscow and still not sure if they will be allowed to participate. gymnastics is a sport in which they expect to win a hat full of medals. >> it cannot be an olympic games without russia. it's not possible. reporter: but there are mixed feelings about russia's participation in the rio games. freestyle wrestling has been plagued in the past by doping. earlier this year, several russian wrestlers were exposed and they are not wanted in rio. >> doping is completely unfair. fighting and losing to an opponent on drugs is soul destroying. it feels like you are being robbed. reporter: russia's track and field squad was the first to be banned from rio.
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the ioc sidestepped the thorny issue of whether to ban the entire russian delegation, despite accusations of state-sponsored dumping -- doping. governing bodies of individual sports are now deciding if russians can compete. it all means a critical role for brazil's new anti-doping lab, which will test 450 samples daily during the games. it has only just been given a license to operate after failing to meet international standards. >> the laboratory will have all the expertise the world has for doping analysis. it will be the most technically efficient laboratory during the games. this will be an asset for those athletes who may be planned to cheat before the games or during the nick -- during the games. they will be caught.
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the olympics have been scrutinized closely. with doping such an issue, they are keen to get things right. he was denied a place in london when he was wrongly declared a drug cheat. he says the eagerness to defeat doping runs the risk of inadvertently stigmatizing athletes who didn't cheat. >> people who didn't do anything wrong should not be out of the olympics because of other people's mistakes. i know this feeling. reporter: how many russians will win medals in rio? it is anyone's guess. with so many athletes so late in the day still in sure -- unsure if they will be allowed to complete -- compete. host: still to come, bernie sanders supporters take to the streets in protest in philadelphia. we will hear what they want from the democratic party.
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spoken abouthas the mental health difficulties he experienced after the death of his mother. at a charity event, he opened up about his problems. peter hunt reports. on display at this royal barbecue, questionable cooking skills and high profile the sportstriumph on field and are happy to talk about their personal vulnerability. england captain ferdinand after his wife's death. one of his challenges is helping his children grow up without their mother, as harry has done. >> for the first 28 years of my
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life, i never talked about it. diana,r: harry's mother, died when the prince was 12 years old. everyone needs to deal with mental health, whether you are in the royal family, a sports star, a driver, a mother, a father, child, it doesn't matter. everyone can suffer. host: one of those who has europeanis a former champion, who experienced depression when injury ended his career. wentfelt i was weak and from someone who is mentally tough and physically strong to someone who was vulnerable and weak. you are not weak. you are going through a time in your life where, if you talk to somebody, hopefully, they will help you through the other side. reporter: coming together, communicating, helping each other.
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the aim of heads together, which also wants to end the stigma surrounding mental health. bbc news. hearing have been dissent inside the convention hall and away from the convention hall out in this treats of philadelphia. bernie sanders supporters are saying theyies, will not get behind hillary clinton under any circumstances. for some, that means even accepting donald trump as their president. >> if the democratic party decides to have hillary clinton in there, i will exit, and i am sure a lot of these people as well. >> they want us to sink room by ya -- they want us to sing that we are all one party under one tent. but it's not like that.
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reporter: it does not seem to be about unity as the democratic party formally confirms hillary clinton as their candidate. bernie sanders supporters are angry. we are here to find out why. >> i don't want either one, and if i had to pick the lesser of two evils, i bet a lot of people would pick donald trump rather than hillary clinton. she is above the law. she can get away with anything she wants. donald trump is not. if you does something crazy, i am sure the people will stand up and do something about it. >> hillary is not doing anything to earn our votes. she could have picked a vice president who was progressive, and she didn't. reporter: if everyone who was behind bernie decides to stay away, you could have donald trump as a president. >> i am not willing to blame trump's presidency on bernie supporters. >> if hillary loses, i blame the dnc. >> nothing changed.
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they live a little to the left and then go back right to the right. reporter: does it matter that he endorsed hillary clinton? >> i think he did what he thought he had to do to keep a movement going. arenai am joined in the by our north american editor, jon sopel. john, staggering scenes here. we thought the republicans were disunified. john: this was meant to be a counterpoint to the republican convention. is mutinous. the mood is sulfurous. every mention of hillary clinton's name, there are boo s and jeers and chants of "bernie," even during the prayer. bernie sanders sent an e-mail to supporters, effectively saying, behave yourselves.
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no more shouting. no more turning your backs on people. no more chanting during speeches. but will they listen? this is a movement that has its own dimension, and i don't think they will take any notice. staggering that this is hillary clinton's national convention and you cannot even say her name up on this age. reporter: you can hear it now as we are speaking. this was meant to be done away with. host: so, what is this? you promise people a political revolution, and it turns out what they want is revolution. they don't want to be told to shut up and go home. reporter: absolutely, and by the way, vote hillary clinton. this is not just dampened enthusiasm. .here are boos this is playing out across america as we speak. host: donald trump must be loving this.
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reporter: donald trump has been given the present wrapped in a ribbon with a bow saying just make me happy. , the apology,k the resignation of debbie , from donaldultz trump's point of view, things could not be going better. host: and he is tweeting about it and clearly very happy. bernie sanders will take to the stage later tonight as one of the keynote speakers. you think there is anything he can say that will rally's of orders and by the end of the supporters and unify the party by the end of the week? reporter: he did a speech earlier in which he said we must elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. out as if to say stop. they did not stop. thanis something bigger
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himself. it is a monster that has its own life now and potentially does great damage to hillary clinton. are hillary clinton watching this, what are your options over the next few days? how do you try to unify the party? you hope bernie sanders places part. you hope michelle obama carry sufficient weight and respect that she can do some of it. you hope barack obama can do some of it. if it doesn't happen by then, on thursday, the blue ribbon event, the showcase, if there are boos in the hall while she is speaking, that sends a terrible message of disunity and will be seized on by her opponents. host: democrats i have spoken to say this is a more progressive platform than we have ever seen. we have incorporated bernie sanders ideas and policies. is this about politics and
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policy, or is this bernie sanders versus hillary clinton's personality? reporter: you see this around europe at the moment. winning power is not what it's about. it's that. t of your message. for seasoned politicians, -- it's the purity of your message. youseasoned politicians, know you have to win. the message ate everything. it's about compromise and backroom deals. a lot of these people have not reconcile themselves to that. host: let's look at the banging thehe gavel that opened convention. it started with a hiccup because the person who was meant to do it had been barred from going on
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stage because she would have been booed even greater than hillary clinton. opening to they democratic national convention. from all of us in philadelphia, thank you for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good, kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here, in aruba.
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families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days, cooling trade winds, and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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